Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Under the SCCM Resource Explorer for a client, you may have no inventory data under the Hardware node.

Inventory: (87d00224) Invalid message element (ReportType)

When the Hardware Node is empty, you may have an issue with the Computer Policy

If it is not a new client, this data should be populated.

SCCM uses this information to correctly add machines to collections based on database queries.

If there is no data, then SCCM can't manage the machine appropriately.

To confirm the issue, look in the SCCM Client logs on the affected machine in "InventoryAgent.log".

If you see "Inventory: (87d00224) Invalid message element (ReportType)", then there is an issue with SCCM Client Settings Policy being applied to the client.

In order to fix this issue:

  • Open the SCCM Console and navigate to .\Administration\Overview\Client Settings
  • Open the Device Policy being applied to the client.
  • Under "Hardware Inventory" click "Set Classes".
  • An error should appear, which prevents the component from opening.
  • Under "General", deselect the Hardware inventory, and Click OK to close the policy.  Please note that this will remove any customization.
  • Re-open the Policy, re-select the Hardware Inventory and click "Set Classes".
  • Re-enable the required components, and force a Machine Policy and Hardware Inventory action against the client.
  • List Element
  • List Element

You should see the re-mediated policy apply and the inventory run as expected.

After a few minutes, check the Resource Explorer against the client to see the data populated.

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