DeployTech enables our customers’ digital transformation: we provide technology solutions that drive business outcomes and enable greater value from IT investments. Our expertise helps transform business operations – making them more flexible, efficient and productive. We work with customers across the corporate and government sectors to achieve these outcomes.

Our evolving IT services portfolio is built on four broad capabilities, that are designed to help customers transform internal IT capabilities and focus on their core business, while we bring the scale and expertise to run IT infrastructure more efficiently.

Consulting & Advisory:

We can develop a holistic IT strategy and program of works, and provide governance over the delivery of the program. We assist organisations in developing and refining their IT strategy with the aim of evolving a pragmatic IT roadmap, that ensures technology investments are aligned with business outcomes.

Transformational (Project) Services:

As companies compete to serve customers faster and respond more quickly to change, they are being asked to deliver secure, instantaneous and transparent services with technology that grows more complex every day. DeployTech services are designed to help customers accomplish this. As data increasingly drives decision-making, we enable you to extract value from your business data. Our Modern Workplace delivers a better customer experience and accelerates productivity through video-conferencing and collaboration technologies. Underpinning this, we help you migrate to a more efficient IT infrastructure built on effective automation tools.


Effective information security means a lot more than just applying the “best” technology. It needs to address policy and user behaviour. The importance of security is also different from person to person and business to business, requiring a consultative and flexible approach. DeployTech has a comprehensive approach to IT security that encompasses people, process and technology. We apply this methodology across the network, data centre and end user computing environment.

Operational Services:

Where traditionally 70% of IT budget went towards "keeping the lights on”, IT organisations are focusing their resources on enabling business change and looking for reductions in operational expense. DeployTech has the scale and experience in running IT to deliver more efficient delivery of internal IT, from moving appropriate workloads to the Cloud, managing existing IT infrastructure and provisioning network connectivity that enables the same application experience, regardless of user location.